About Us

Born and raised in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, We’ve both grown up hunting waterfowl, elk, deer, turkeys and more. Since a very young age, our American dream was to be able to make our own game calls. This goal was always achievable but never a reality. One day we decided that we could do it and that we wanted to give it a shot. It’s been an incredible journey thus far and we have lots more coming! Being able to put a product on the market right here locally, using help and products from right here in our great country!

Our number one goal for S2 calls is customer service. We’ll be very honest and say that the game call marketplace is tough. There are a lot of people trying to sell Calls and make a living. More power to them! Why not live your dream? But that being said, something has to separate you from the competition. We believe that our relationships and Customer Service will do that. Not only are our products the best on the market, we’ll back them up and take care of you along the way all while being 100% American made! We are always willing to chat on the phone and figure out any issues you may be having! We hope that all of you will join us along our adventures and make US your go-to call company! Never forget about our 30 day money back guarantee, don’t be afraid to try our calls out!

I wanna now take a second to thank Eric Strand and Bryan Stone for getting this company to where it is today. And now that we have taken things over, we are looking to finish what they started!

Thank you in advance for working with us and giving us the opportunity!

Linn & Marcus