The Goat


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When designing THE GOAT we had a few things In mind. The main goal was to offer a do it all call. And this call is just that. THE GOAT can be easily ran by a beginner, and can reach out and hit every necessary note for the experienced caller. With a Cocabolo barrel, and an acrylic insert, you get the softness of the wood, and durability and brightness of the acrylic. This call has our all new semi broke in gut system, giving you the best of both worlds. Right between a clucker gut and a game used fully broke in gut. You won’t be disappointed having this on your lanyard! We truly believe this will become the Greatest. Of. All. Time.

•Oil finished Cocabolo barrel
•Polished brass band
•The X semi broke in gut system
•Acrylic insert
*Wood grains may vary due to natural materials*

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